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#11   The Beadwrangler

  A great site for many craft areas, with loads of information. Beading history, more bead technique tutorials, beadwork examples. So much to see at this site!

#12   Huichol Indian Beadart

  Huichol and Teperuano Indian Art from Mexico, Folk-art with beads, beaded Art. Huichol Indians live in Mexico. Traditional beadart, unique culture, art collections, shopping.

#13   Ornamental Resource

  Ornamental Resources offers an exceptionally broad range of beads and decorative materials to beaders, jewelry designers and crafters, artists, sculptors and costumers. A large part of our collection consists of rare, old or unusual beads and pieces that provide unique opportunities and inspiration for the creative designer and bead worker.Аll of the standard materials such as seed beads, pony beads, bugle beads, smooth druk beads and facetted beads & pendants, a wide selection of jewelry findings and basic tools and supplies.

#14   Bead & Button Magazine

  The largest bead show in America. Learn more about upcoming workshops, classes, and Master Class opportunities. Bead nad Button is very nice American magazine devoted to bead design and polymeric clay. You can not only buy there, but also take apart in work competition and become its winner. If you are looking for fresh ideas you will be greatly suprised with variety of them on this beautiful website.

#15   Jastbeads

  An auction site for Just Beads. Ads, items in beaded artwork. You can sell here everything related which in some way is related to beads. A lot of information including addresses of bead associations, forum, festivals, and bead shows.

#16   Toho glassbeads Wonderland

  Beads manufacturer, Toho's website.

#17   Cynthia Rutledge beadworks

  Beadwork promotion and the exchange of ideas and knowledge amongst beadworker Cynthia Rutledge. Beadworks workshop.

#18   Bead Creator

  Bead design software for purchase. If you want to create amazing works of bead design Bead Creator is a most have tool. This fantastic program allows you to create an image and have it translated into a “bead map” and shopping list for your project.

#19   Suzanne Cooper beadwork

  That bead website from Texas have lots of information, pictures, futures beadwork technique instruction pages, free patterns, kits and several beadwork galleries.

#20   Abre en Perles

  French website with pictures of beaded flowers and trees, free beadwork flowers.

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