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December 2005 - USA - Scottsdale - Textures Gallery

Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine and the United States are the countries of the many women who form, “Beading Without Borders”, a coalition of talented beadwork artists being showcased at the Textures Gallery from December 8, 2005.

The authors of the works are people of different ages, persuasion and beliefs. They live in different parts of the planet and have never met each other. Yet they have much in common.
They are consolidated by a long term passion to an art of beading and ability to create unique jewelry. Now they desire to share their professional experience, creative ideas and bead fantasies with each other and anyone else who is interested in the bead art.

They met each other in Internet and became real friends with a profound mutual respect. Internet helps them to discuss the matter of the beading, plan and bring out the common projects from writing books and carrying out the international bead competition to organizing a bead show we are talking about.

Hardly it is possible to see such a variety of unique works at a show of one designer or even the whole school that works with a single trend. Each beading master has her own inimitable style and her own vision of the wide possibilities for creations that beads give them.

The light is refracted by the facets of a crystal into a magical sight of a rainbow. The same way any beading technique is refracted by the different designers and helps them to create the exclusive works. Every one's work begins to sparkle with new refined colors and unexpected shapes.

At the show you will see the unique and gorgeous works by the Russian beaders, each of them has her own style in jewelry design.

Astratenko Irina, from Lithuania, is known by her "ANKARS" work, that is the most refined lace studded with pearls and semi-precious stones and invented in Russia.

Belinskaja Irina is from Russia. Her unique hats and jewelry are the incredibly splendid bead designs that would suit the taste of a true lady.

Khon Natalja from Canada is interested in the new tendency of combining beads with the original metallic accessories that she makes herself. It helps her to create new and original jewelry.

Lana May from the USA, has a tremendous feeling and faultless use of the shapes of nature that she applies to her jewelry. Come to the show and feel the breath of the planet in her works!

Polyanskaya Albina from Ukraine specializes in creating ethnic designs using ancient Slavonic beading techniques. The whole diversity of the colors of the Ukrainian nature at all seasons is found in her works.

Flowery verbosity and even the pictures of high quality can not pass that beauty of the unique hand made jewelry pieces each of them containing a part of the author's soul. You have a chance to get the real expression of them as they get your attention at our show.
The reception of the gorgeous and fascinating world of beads will captivate the hearts that are not indifferent to the beauty and leave an indelible trace in their memory.

Polyanskaya Albina

Khon Natalia (translation)

Textures Gallery, 4235 North Marshall Way , between 3 rd and 5 th Avenue in Scottsdale

Phone 480-423-0888


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