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Exhibit in Paris - June 2009

beaded jewelry exhibition, beads, bead works

In the Russian Cultural Center in Paris , France , from June 11 until June 25, 2009, was held with great success an exhibition of beaded jewelry by Tatiana Van Iten. He exhibit was organized in March 2008 by the Russian-French association, Archipelago, the mission of which is to strengthen international cultural ties. Of tremendous and indispensible help was the Russian Cultural Center in the person of Vladimir Sokolov, who worked hard to help his fellow Russians living abroad, and thus supported the initiative of the president of Archipelago, Olga Paskidova, giving her a place in the exposition hall of the filial center, “Art-Neva”.

beaded jewelry exhibition, beads, bead works

Tatiana Van Iten lives in the United States , in Indiana . Her display of unique creations -rings, bracelets, purses, hairpins and many other pieces—caused real excitement among aristocratic Parisians, for whom elegance and chic are natural. Visitors were awed by the faultless handwork, the variety of colors and materials, the taste and uniqueness of each piece. “This exhibit is a ray of sunlight on this rainy morning in Paris !” said one of the visitors.

beaded jewelry exhibition, beads, bead works

Tatiana is not afraid to combine materials and techniques that seemingly do not go together. Her works naturally join together rare stones and fossils with Swarovski crystals and tiny glass seed beads, embroidery on suede leather, macrame and crocheting with beads on thin silver wire.

In addition to Tatiana's work, several pieces of two other well-known seed bead masters were also displayed. No one was unmoved by the floral motifs and national essence in the works of Albina Polyanskaya ( Kharkov , Ukraine ). One visitor cried when she saw Albina's gerdan with roses, “My mother had similar patterns on her blouse!”

beaded jewelry exhibition, beads, bead works

Similarly, the regal necklaces of Lana May ( USA , Arizona ) amazed visitors by their unbelievable beauty. Shiny Swarovski crystals combined with lustrous Japanese seed beads are the dream of any woman!

beaded jewelry exhibition, beads, bead works

The exhibit was held in the very center of Paris, and visitors included representatives of the Russian Embassy in France, famous artists (including Georgi Shikshin), Igor Makhayev, director of the Dyagilev foundation in Moscow, which was holding its own exhibition in Paris, and many other famous persons, with which France is so rich.


And even though the exhibition was held in the Russian Cultural Center , many of the visitors were native French people, interested in Russian culture, and amazed by the beautiful works of art which Tatiana, Albina and Lana had made with their own hands. The following additional compliments penned by visitors in the exhibition guest book speak for themselves:

“Very wonderful exhibit! It is very nice that there are still people who make such masterpieces by hand! Thank you very much for the pleasure we have experienced and for your talent and labor!!!! It is a shame that there are so few hand craft masters left in Russia and other places. We wish you future creative success!”

Anna, Catherina and Michael Ravon

“Thank you for such an amount of impressions from this corner of Russia . And we admire the art and imagination of Tatiana Van Iten, who conjures up entire fireworks of emotion.”

Georgi and Tatiana Shikshin

“I thank the author and organizer of this exposition for the amazing impressions caused by your wonderful jewelry. They are unforgettable, unique, exotic, touching and unusually beautiful.”

Lyubov, librarian of the Russian Cultural Center

“Incredibly beautiful. We tried on everything, thanks. Both adults and children were amazed!”

Anna Nemidova-Korostelyova, director of the Paris Center “Children's World”

“By chance I saw the amazing beauty and fantasy of the wonderful artist Tatiana Van Iten. Her talent and inspiration are gifts from God. Such work is rarely seen. She does not use diamonds or sapphires, but nevertheless one cannot tear one's eyes from her creations.”

Igor Makhayev

“Bravo, Olga and Tatiana for this wonderful exhibit! Much joy for the eyes. The jewelry—more and more beautiful. We await the continuation!!!”

Katrin Goda




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